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An innovative market leader since 1909

Malte is the Scandinavian market leader for turnkey and customized above-ground solutions for fuel and vehicle wash systems. Founded in 1909, the family business is now run by the fifth generation. Our systems are manufactured in our own production facility on the west coast of Sweden. Development is based on our solid knowledge of fuel and the environment, slab combined with innovation and construction technology. With a strong focus on customer adaptation and comprehensive solutions, we build strong and reliable customer relationships.


Man looking at Malte fuel systems

Fuel systems

Find flexible and cost-effective refuelling solutions with Malte. Install our fuel stations and fuel storage units to provide convenient refuelling access for your customers or your business. Square tanks and containers optimize storage volume, and result in a smaller carbon footprint compared to round tanks. Our movable above ground refuelling units are available for both the retail and commercial markets. We also offer container solutions, compact units and more.

Malte product vehicle wash systerms

Vehicle wash systems

Malte car wash systems include a variety of rollovers and tunnels for cars, buses and trucks. We provide both automatic and DIY car wash solutions. Our semi plug & play prefabricated wash halls are quick to construct and easy to maintain. With Malte products you can offer a wide range of services to your customers in forecourts or commercial sites. Efficient water recycling systems, purifying process water in a closed system, give you a sustainable car wash for the future.

Malte products AdBlue washer fluid

AdBlue & Washer fluid

Our AdBlue and Washer fluid units are manufactured in Sweden and specially adapted to the demanding climate of the Nordics. A robust construction and temperature resistant insulation protect the units against cold, solar heat and other weather-related damage. The units are delivered with an integrated MID approved dispenser. AdBlue and washer fluid can also be combined in one unit.

Malte products EV Charger station

EV Chargers

Smart and fast chargers for greater efficiency. Designed to ensure ultra-fast charging in both public and private locations, such as retailers, motorway service areas, commercial car parks, fleet operators, EV infrastructure operators and service providers. Suitable for any environment, the chargers ensure the maximum charge in less time. Power options range from 30kW to 180kW. Easy to install and maintain.

Industrial solutions at Malte

Industrial solutions

We supply flexible solutions for sectors such as the car, fuel cell and manufacturing industries and the process industry. Our aim is always to be at the forefront of technological innovation. For the automotive industry, we supply fuel conditioning systems used for emission control of the refuelling process, ensuring that regulations are met. For garages, we design new solutions and supplement existing facilities.


Malte servicing customer

We are with you all the way from planning permission to the finished facility. Our turnkey and customized solutions let you focus on your core business, while we manage all aspects of your project. This can include authority contacts, groundwork, slab casting, branding and installation of the facility. We take care of training and technical introduction as well as service and maintenance. With Malte, you get a comprehensive solution with an experienced and reliable partner.


Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at these successful projects delivered by Malte. We are proud to share what we have accomplished together with our valuable customers. View videos and 3D images of installations ranging from the Malte Minitank to car wash systems and refuelling units.


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